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Fic Title: The Joke
Author/Artist/etc: Imbecamiel
Fandom: Avengers
Universe: MCU
Main Characters and/or Pairings: Steve Rogers, Thor, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov
Length: 7445 words
Brief summary of fic: Steve assumes that the whole "worthiness" thing with Mjolnir is just something everyone indulges Thor in out of some sense of politeness. Steve is wrong.

Reason for rec: This is primarily a character piece, and I love those. Steve goes through most of the fic assuming that they're all just supposed to pretend that nobody can lift Mjolnir. That doesn't stop him from picking up the hammer and moving it from time to time. The characterisation is lovely and subtle, which just brings the humour out even more. Thor's confused reaction to finding Mjolnir not where he left it is especially good, and the whole fic builds up to a very satisfying ending.
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This is a rec community for all things Marvel. It doesn't matter if it's MCU, comics, or some obscure movie that only eight people ever saw.

Anyone can join and post recs. Posting is moderated, but users will be taken out of the moderation queue after they post a few times. This is to make sure posts follow the same format given on the community's profile.

Tags on the posts are important, but may not exist if you're reccing for something that hasn't been recced here yet. In that case, tag what you can, and use !tag request so the rest can be added for you. Tag types on all posts are as follows:

author/artist/creator: Who made it?
character: Who's in it? (doesn't have to match the fic's header. Just the main or most important characters are fine)
fandom: Avengers/Spider-man/Ms Marvel, etc
length: word count for fics, page count for art, time stamp for vids and fanmixes
pairings: pairings, or if none, gen
rating: As it appears on the fic
theme: what is the fic about (as broad or specific as needed)
type: fic/art/video, etc
universe: 616/MCU/X-men movies, etc

Each type should be used at least once, with the prefix in front to keep the tags organised. Tags will be fixed as necessary, but please make sure that not every one of your posts has to be fixed.


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